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  Rila Mountains  

Rila is the highest Bulgarian mountain. The highest peak in the Balkan Penincual - Mount Mussala (2925m), is in Rila mountain.
The deep glacier circuses with steep, abysslike Northen slopes are characteristic for Rila. On the other hand, most Souther slopes of the ridges are rounded, covered with grass and with low gradient. Of course there are some exeptions.
Our favorite ski backcountry is in the Maliovotza part of the mountain, named after the gorgous
Mount Maliovitza. In comparison to the other parts of Rila, this one is characterized with the highest snowfall. As a result, the avalanche conditions are a little bit more bizzar. In the days when it is fairly safe to ski in other parts of the mountain, in Maliovitza big avalanches roar down the slopes. The greatest danger comes from the highest packed snow layer. We recommend skiers to climb up the "winter routes" (marked with black-yellow poles), while to ski down only under the guidance of a qualified profesional extreme ski guide, who knows the region and condition perfectly well. As far as the cool lines, thare are a pile of them, with denivilations varying from 200-300m to1000m. You just need to be prepared for a long, tiresome climbing (better bring your ski touring adapters) and be ready to quit and turn back, when you find out thet that avalanche conditions are lethal. Lodges and shephards hut are everywhere, you just need a decent map.

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The North face of Mount Lovnitza smmaljveast.JPG (11701 bytes) The North face of Mount Maliovitza
smlovn.JPG (9558 bytes) Up: The East face of Mount Maliovitza

Down: The White and the Devil coullars

smmaljov5.JPG (6480 bytes)

The highest peak on the Balkans - Mussala

smdivol.JPG (20210 bytes) The North faces of Little and Big Maliovitza
smmousala.JPG (11292 bytes) Kupenite smmaljov2.JPG (12855 bytes)