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  PIRIN Mountains  


The second highest mountain in Bulgaria ( Mount Vihren-2917m) and in our view with the best snow conditions is Pirin. The mountain is characterised with regular triangular and trapeceoid shapes of the summits, long and constantly steep slopes. The pine woods offer wonderful steep terrains, always with fresh powder. The ridges are narrow, sometimes only a meter or two wide. Each winter huge cournises form along these ridges. Pirin is famous for it huge snowfall. I remmember skiing in powder so deep, I could hardly breathe (I wish I had a snorckle with me). Ussualy you can ski in the backcounty around the chair lifts in Bansko and Dobrinishte. Shiligarnika in Bansko is "notorios" with is terrain. The riders should be extremely careful with the snow conditions, especially along the lines going between the Platoto ski run and Todorka ski run. This slope is steep, easily accessible, but extremely dangerous, as it is facing East. Along these lines snow layer packs form frequently, especially after a blizzard. Then, the safe looking terrain turn deadly dangeruos. Unfortunately, few skiers were killed by avalanches there in the recent years. Therefore we recommend tskiers to avoid this slope, and to dare skiing there only with a professional guide. In fact there are a lot of other wonderful lines nearby.
     Decent places to stay are Banderitza Hut and the students facility AKADEMIKA (where according the the DJ "is the highest discoteque in Eourope, and may be in the Balkans"?!?). The never mind the DJ. The party there is hot, you just need to be careful with the local booze and fight loving folks.

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The West face of Mount Vihren  smstapala.JPG (9646 bytes)

Part of the Pirin Ridge

The East face of Mount Vihren
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The West face of Todorka smvihr&kut11.JPG (14106 bytes) The East face of Mount Todorka
West face of Todorka

A side view of Todorka

smtodor1.JPG (7990 bytes)
  smtodor44.JPG (12991 bytes)  



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